References and Resources

References and Resources

Accuracy of FinaMetrica Risk Tolerance Tests
A summary of the psychometric qualities of the FinaMetrica risk tolerance tests.

FinaMetrica Psychometric Risk Tolerance Methodology
A technical report on the FinaMetrica risk tolerance scale
and scoring algorithm.

FinaMetrica Profiler Certification
The FinaMetrica risk tolerance scale was verified by the University of New South Wales Applied Psychology Unit confirming the psychometric qualities of the test and that it meets or exceeds the requirements for a test of this kind.

Suitability and Professional Judgement Matrix
A technical report on the methodology underlying the
default suitability framework in SuitabilityPro™

Fact Find/Hard Copy Questionnaire

Profiler 25 Questions
Profiler 10 Questions


FinaMetrica Profiler Sample Reports

FinaMetrica Risk Tolerance Score Mappings

Map risk tolerance profiles against your portfolios to provide better information to investors – your sales team will love it. Doing this with SuitabilityPro: FinaMetrica Profiler gives an empirical basis with scientific rigour that means you’ll communicate with clarity.

* Only available and authorised for distribution in the United Kingdom
** For threesixty advisors only

I have been using FinaMetrica for over 17 years for onboarding new clients. They like the extensive value of the reports; but what we appreciate is the innovations in technology, the value of the client-facing materials and the development of the life-long client relationships as I get to really know their behavioral tendencies. FinaMetrica has assisted me in building a very successful practice and we highly recommend it for any advisor who wants to enhance the overall value of their client relationships.

Ron Wilkinson - Portland, Oregon, USA
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