“How to” Videos

Welcome to the Support area for SuitabilityPro™! You have opened your business up to a whole new level of capabilities and professionalism in the areas of risk profiling, portfolio design, financial planning and, of course, suitability of your recommendations!

“How to” Videos

We are pleased to offer a series of “How To” videos to provide insight and guidance as you use the features and capabilities of SuitabilityPro™ in your work with clients. These productions are “hands-on” to ensure that “what you see is what you do”.


Introduction to SuitabilityPro™
(2:42) – An overview of the new SuitabilityPro™ suite of products which includes FinaMetrica Profiler™ — the world’s leading client risk profiling tool; ProPlanner™ – our award-winning financial planning software, and ProTracker™ to help your clients stay on course towards their goals. SuitabilityPro™ will help you build deeper client connections by providing personalized, relevant and meaningful financial advice from start to finish.

SuitabilityPro™ – Overview Tutorial
(1:24) – Meet your Advisor Dashboard – get a real-time view of your clients, along with your portfolio and risk profile distributions across all clients

SuitabilityPro™ + FinaMetrica Profiler™
(5:03) – An overview of the new SuitabilityPro™ suite of products and an introduction to FinaMetrica Profiler™ — the world’s leading client risk profiling tool, with it’s unique Suitability Score™ calculation. Combined with your professional judgment, FinaMetrica Profiler™ enables you to have focused conversations with clients to ensure your investment recommendations are aligned with their Risk Tolerance, Risk Need, and Risk Capacity, as well as their financial objectives.

FinaMetrica Profiler

FinaMetrica Profiler Introduction
(2:41) – SuitabilityPro: FinaMetrica Profiler™ introduces a Suitability Score™ that, combined with your professional judgment, allows you to accurately align your portfolio recommendations with your client’s Risk Tolerance, Risk Need, and Risk Capacity. The outcome is a defensible strategy that considers all the key elements that may affect the suitability of a client’s investments — initially and ongoing.

Setting Your Capital Market Assumptions
(2:16) – Confirm the assumptions about future market performance that you want to use in designing client portfolios 

Using the Professional Judgment Matrix
(2:36) – The PJM is a powerful tool that enables you to adjust client portfolios to reflect their real-life circumstances 

Defining Your Preferred Solutions
(3:35) – Use our default portfolios or create your own for consistency and efficiency 

Defining Your Preferred Solutions (ProTracker)
(8:14) – Add specific products when defining preferred solutions through Morningstar’s integration database, for automated suitability monitoring of products recommended in portfolio implementation.

Adding and Updating a Client
(5:41) – See how to add clients or update existing client information 

Creating and Implementing Client Portfolios
(5:41) – See how to add clients or update existing client information 

Adding Detailed Holding with
Morningstar Integration (ProTracker)
(5:48) – See how to enter the personal financial data that you will use in completing your own financial plan

Custom Solution Implementation (ProTracker)
(4:58) – Learn more about Custom Solution Implementation using ProTracker

Assessing Suitability
(2:11) – Aligning your client’s risk tolerance with the Suitability Score™ of each of their portfolios is at the foundation of the SuitabilityPro™ platform

Determining Risk Capacity
(3:14) – Balancing a client’s risk tolerance and return requirements also needs to account for the client’s ability to financially manage negative markets

The Document Center
(2:56) – See how documents can be stored and accessed by you and your clients for efficiency and better communication 


ProPlanner Intro & Advisor Profile
(1:52) – Get a high-level view of ProPlanner, enter/edit your personal information, change your password, etc.

Capital Market Assumptions
(2:13) – Review the assumptions about market performance that drive ProPlanner’s suitability and advice process. 

Investment Policies
(2:30) – Review the historical performance and risk/return characteristics of ProPlanner’s default investment policies e.g. Income, Balanced, Growth, etc. 

Adding a Client
(2:10) – Create a new client record, add family members and update your client’s personal information. 

Values Discovery and Priorities
(5:01) – Deepen client engagement through an inter-active exercise to help clients identify and prioritize their personal values that will be key to implementing your recommendations. 

Goals Based Planning Overview
(1:32) – Get a high-level view of the ProPlanner process: identifying clients’ goals; determining assets & liabilities; calculating revenues; and developing investment strategies. 

Defining Financial Goals
(5:04) – Define client goals and details e.g. Retirement (age, cash flow needs); Education Funding (dates, amount required); Custom Goals (timing, amount required, etc.). 

Assets and Liabilities
(4:25) – Capture all your client’s assets; assign to appropriate portfolios e.g. Tax-sheltered, Non-tax Sheltered, Lifestyle, Education, Purchase, etc. 

Adding Detailed Holding with Morningstar Integration (ProTracker)
(5:48) – See how to enter the personal financial data that you will use in completing your own financial plan

Adding Revenues
(2:52) – Calculate all sources of revenue (including government benefits, pensions, etc.); amounts and duration, taxable vs. non-taxable, etc. 

Linking Portfolios to Goals
(2:40) – Apportion client assets among goals; assign assets to appropriate portfolios; link portfolios to goals. 

Portfolio Analytics
(3:07) Analyze expected return, standard deviation, back testing and other portfolio behavior characteristics. 

Goal Analysis
(8:22) – Goal Analysis – Demonstrate the value of your advice by confirming assumptions, comparing clients’ current situation against alternative scenarios and recommending strategies that lead to realistic client expectations 

Determining Risk Capacity
(3:31) – Calculate certainty of investment outcome, amount at risk and client’s capacity to take on risk associated with recommended portfolios. 

The Document Centre
(5:16) – Learn how to store all relevant documents in one place; create/upload/share documents; customize and produce reports. 

I have been using FinaMetrica for over 17 years for onboarding new clients. They like the extensive value of the reports; but what we appreciate is the innovations in technology, the value of the client-facing materials and the development of the life-long client relationships as I get to really know their behavioral tendencies. FinaMetrica has assisted me in building a very successful practice and we highly recommend it for any advisor who wants to enhance the overall value of their client relationships.

Ron Wilkinson - Portland, Oregon, USA
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