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Advisors Can Only Rely on Psychometric Testing

If you’ve ever been told you are a four-character personality type, such as a ISTJ, INFJ or ESTJ, you’ve met the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test. It was most probably while you were dealing with a recruiter or human-resources person, but unfortunately, they learned nothing about you from this test

SEC’s New ‘Regulation Best Interest’ Rule Sparks Controversy

The SEC’s new ‘Regulation Best Interest’ standard requires broker-dealers to act in the client’s ‘best interest’ which, it is argued, is a higher standard than the FINRA suitability rule. But critics are not so sure. There are several opponents lining up to attack the new SEC rule. They generally argue

Freezing of UK Fund Triggers Global Alarm Liquidity Risk Alarm

Questions are being asked around the world about the liquidity risks of funds invested in unlisted or illiquid assets, after a major UK fund was forced to suspend trading when it could not sell assets quick enough to meet redemption requests. The £3.6 billion Woodford Equity Income Fund was suspended

Tracking, Monitoring, and Maintaining Suitability

Tracking, monitoring, and maintaining suitability Suitability is judged at a point in time — but things can change! Suitability must be tracked, monitored and maintained as required. On the client-side, the change could come in aseveral ways. The client might have had a change in their financial objectives, which means

Profile to Portfolio: Where is the Missing Link?

There is a “leap” from a consumer “risk profile” to the actual portfolio. Although the default assumption is that an extremely high-risk tolerance might translate to 100% equities and extremely conservative might be all cash – why is this?

Professional Judgement or Just My Opinion?

Advisors must reconcile conflicts between a client’s risk tolerance, risk capacity, risk need, composure, previous experience, time horizon and more in determining an investor profile and resulting personalized investment policy. There is little or no body of knowledge on how these trade-offs occur or what constitutes a “best practice” in

Wealth industry unprepared for liability shift in new ‘Seller Beware’ rules

New rules likely to soon pass Australia’s parliament will make financial advisers and product issuers directly liable for ensuring financial products are only sold to suitable customers — shifting responsibility from ‘buyer beware’ to ‘seller beware’. Australians haven’t yet recognised the tremendous significance of these new financial suitability laws, which

I have been using FinaMetrica for over 17 years for onboarding new clients. They like the extensive value of the reports; but what we appreciate is the innovations in technology, the value of the client-facing materials and the development of the life-long client relationships as I get to really know their behavioral tendencies. FinaMetrica has assisted me in building a very successful practice and we highly recommend it for any advisor who wants to enhance the overall value of their client relationships.

Ron Wilkinson - Portland, Oregon, USA
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