Quarterly Client Journal Q4 / 2021

Quarterly Client Journal Q4 / 2021

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In this issue, we continue our conversation around the definition, management, and benefits of risk. This past July, we proudly released the Morningstar Portfolio Risk Score which provides a risk score of investors’ portfolios that can be assessed to ensure personalized investment portfolios. This allows investors to go beyond the buckets of “conservative” to “moderate” to “aggressive” and produce a bespoke portfolio that allows advisors and clients agree to a mix that fits goals, comfort, and needs.

But that’s just part of the Morningstar Risk Ecosystem. Learn more about deriving risk tolerance, the tools used to measure risk and how to determine an investor’s risk comfort.

… so get comfortable and enjoy.

Provide Risk Comfort. Build Client Relationships.

Risk is, well, risky. But we also know that risk is something to be measured, managed, messaged and leveraged. When risk expectations are aligned, financial professionals can help bring calm and peace of mind even when markets are volatile.

Nicki Potts, Director of Financial Planning Solutions, marries risk tolerance and risk assessment to provide us comfort in risk.

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Steady As She Goes

Everything around us seems to be in a state of continuous change. At the same time, technology provides real-time market updates interest rates remain in a “will they – won’t they” plot line, and the pandemic continues its hold at the top of the nightly news. So how do you bring some stability and even predictability to your clients?

Shawn Brayman, Director of Financial Planning Methodology, steadies the course.

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Tools of the Risk Trade

New compliance requirements have added a greater burden of proof for advisors to demonstrate that the advice given is in the client’s best interest. Tools to assess risk, align products and present portfolios need to be held to the highest standard.

Director of Product Management for Morningstar, Jason Stipp reminds us that now is a good time to look under the hood of our advice software.
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