June 2020 Client Journal

June 2020 Client Journal

Update to the PlanPlus Global Newsletter

We would like to thank you for your continued readership and engagement and would like to make you aware of an update to the delivery schedule of the PlanPlus Global Newsletter. This June edition will be the last monthly update we share. Going forward, we will publish the newsletter on/about the 1st of each quarter. You can expect the next edition to reach you on Tuesday, September 1, 2020.

We encourage you to visit our blog , which serves as a key source for timely content in response to market events as they occur. Our quarterly newsletter will deliver a more robust review of the prior months’ most compelling news and forward-looking thought leadership and research.

In this issue Nicki Potts, Director of Product Management at Morningstar (former COO & SVP of Product Development at FinaMetrica Pty Ltd), shares historical data that shows FinaMetrica risk scores across the globe remain relatively stable through stock market volatility. This research demonstrates that Advisors who perform a valid risk tolerance profile for their clients are more likely to see their clients stay the course during severe market downturns. As well, we have included research on the superiority of a goals-based approach to risk management and financial advice, and a look at how one advisor has made FinaMetrica Profiler an integral part of their practice.

You will likely see changes to the format of the newsletter as we evolve. We welcome feedback on how we can make the newsletter and other communication as valuable as possible.

Risk Tolerance Stability During Uncertain Times

The Covid-19 pandemic has delivered unusual stock market volatility. Recent headlines like “Risk tolerance drops as investors sell down” or “Has the coronavirus revealed your real risk tolerance?” may lead you to think risk tolerance changes with market conditions, but a properly measured tolerance for financial risk is a long-term quality not intended to be impacted by short-term events. So, does investor’s risk tolerance change under volatile market conditions or is some other factor at play? Let’s take a look.

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Try Our SuitabilityPro 30-day Complimentary Trial

PlanPlus Global’s SuitabilityPro™ platform integrates FinaMetrica’s risk tolerance profiling tools with PlanPlus’ enhanced financial planning and portfolio tracking capabilities to enable financial advisors and enterprises to deliver and monitor the highest standard of advice to clients through the world’s most rigorous, academically validated and market-proven suitability technology.

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The Superiority of a Goals-based Approach to Risk Management and Financial Advice

Professional financial advisors understand the importance of aligning clients’ risk tolerance with their long-term objectives. Unfortunately, the trade-off is too often an unacceptable compromise — reduce the objectives to stay within a client’s risk tolerance range or have the client take on a level of risk that is beyond their comfort level to achieve the returns required to meet their objectives.

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Advocacy Profile – Kristina Bates (FinaMetrica Profiler)

Professional Accountant and Institutional Sales Head transitions to Investment Advisor and Portfolio Manager to help individual investors protect and grow their wealth.

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PlanPlus Learning Circle is a live training community designed to inform and educate financial professionals of recent developments of interest in financial planning and getting the most out of our financial software tools. These are mini learning sessions that run approximately 30 minutes bi-weekly. Click the link for additional information.

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I have been using FinaMetrica for over 17 years for onboarding new clients. They like the extensive value of the reports; but what we appreciate is the innovations in technology, the value of the client-facing materials and the development of the life-long client relationships as I get to really know their behavioral tendencies. FinaMetrica has assisted me in building a very successful practice and we highly recommend it for any advisor who wants to enhance the overall value of their client relationships.

Ron Wilkinson - Portland, Oregon, USA
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